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The Edet Amana Foundation Objectives

The Foundation focuses on Education, Health, Economic Empowerment, and Disaster Relief.
The Edet Amana Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and has its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.


The interest of the Edet Amana Foundation in the provision of qualitative education to Nigerians is borne out of the belief of its founder in the potency of education as an excellent tool for the empowerment of individuals and communities. Beginning with Oron Nation, Akwa Ibom State our intervention in education will spread to other parts of Nigeria. Edet Amana Foundation aims to partner with other charity organizations and foundations with similar objectives, working to reduce illiteracy and grow knowledge in our society. Sir Edet Amana in this regard has awarded of over 2000 scholarships in the past 50 years, to indigent but deserving students in secondary schools, technical colleges and universities, in some cases up to the doctoral level.
Our peculiar focus areas are;
– The promotion of early childhood education
– Award of scholarships and bursaries to indigent students at all levels of study and training.
– The promotion of quality education through provision of increased access to learning facilities for youth and women.
– Provision of IT facilities and computer training for young people in rural areas and all necessary support designed to enable individuals generate a sustainable income and become self-sufficient.
Sir Edet Amana regards education as the anchor that guarantees a meaningful and sustained success in any sphere of human endeavor. He has established several academic foundations to encourage the growth of learning particularly in science and technology including the following:
– The Amana Science Foundation at the Federal Government Girls College, Calabar.
– The Amana Mathematics Prize in the University of Calabar.
– Engineer Edet Amana Medal and Premium for Engineering Design, NSE Uyo.
– Chief Bidiak Amana Professorial Chair in Early Childhood Education in the University of Uyo, an endowment sponsored by him and his siblings in memory of their late father.
– Endowment of the Law Library in the University of Calabar, in memory of his late mother, Madam Arit James Amana.
– Grand patron of the Royal Nursery School, Oron.
– Chief Bidiak Amana ICT Resource Centre, Oyubia, Oron.
All these interventions have formally been brought under and are currently being coordinated and overseen by the Edet Amana Foundation


Since 2012, Sir Edet Amana has in conjunction with Emmanuel Charitable Foundation and Pro Health International has organized Health Outreach and HIV/AIDS testing and awareness campaigns on an annual basis in the community of Oyubia, Oron, Akwa Ibom.
This outreach brings in the best medical personnel; doctors, surgeons, ophthalmologist, dentist, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technologist and other medical specialist from Nigeria and abroad to diagnose, consult and administer sanative results to the people of Oyubia and its neighbours.
Statistics show that the Health outreach recorded over a thousand patients came to have their vitals and medical conditions examined by professionals. ELISA, HIV consultation and awareness, a dispensary, dental care and an eye clinic, consultation and surgery were all featured in the health outreach.
The Edet Amana Foundation aims to battle the immediate prevailing ailments in the society like malaria, spread of HIV/AIDS and the eradication of polio in the community.
The spread of this health intervention to benefit all Nigerians is the target of the Edet Amana Foundation health portfolio.


In 1970, upon his return from the United Kingdom, Sir Edet Amana put his passion for community development into the organization and management of the socio-cultural organization known as the Oyubia Community League. He served as its President for 30 years (1987 – 2017) and used that platform to transform Oyubia from a rural community to the modern centre of commerce it is today.
Sir Edet Amana invested his resources and brought his professionalism to bear on the design and construction of major development projects in the village, including an impressive Town Hall which serves as a social center for the promotion and sustenance of Oron Culture as practiced by Oyubia people.
He built and donated a modern market to the Oyubia community which was later expanded through his intervention. This market gives the community an enterprising outlook, promoting commerce, ethnic affiliations and economic opportunities that have enriched the people.
Establishment of the ICT Resource Centre within the village primary school, brought to the rural children the computer technology facilities that is enjoyed by their peers in the urban centers thus ushering the young beneficiaries with confidence into a promising future.
The provision of electricity and pipe borne water was spearheaded by Sir Edet Amana. He has transformed Oyubia from a rural community into a semi-urban centre and attracted an army of small and medium scale businesses into the community. Today, Oyubia ranks as on one of the most enlightened communities in Akwa Ibom State


The development of every nation is inextricably interwoven with that of its young people. There is need to equip the youth with a comprehensive educational background in a manner that triggers the productive and constructive abilities and energies of their young minds.
Edet Amana Foundation shall target the alleviation of poverty through financial empowerment and creation of job opportunities which will lead to social mobilization and a more peaceful society. Skill acquisition and business management training through seminars, career counselling and workshops, elucidating the people on trade and profession thereby enhancing the chances of economic growth in the society.
We shall mobilize available economic facilities and venture capital for brilliant and innovative business ideas aimed at improving the welfare of society, solving immediate challenges of the people and creating job opportunities for the youth and women.
We will enhance the potentials of individuals through their involvement in agriculture, cultural crafts, art, tailoring, hair dressing, tie and dye, electrical and mechanical maintenance works. The knowledge required to manage and progress a business is an essential bequest of Edet Amana Foundation as its aims to ensure economic growth and stability in the community


To render aid and assistance to disaster-stricken and distressed individuals, groups or communities by means of food, clothing, medical attention, rehabilitation programmes, monetary and other aids.

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